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We expertise in various technologies to produce custom application to our clients. Starting from modifications of existing enterprise application to building new enterprise application and mobile Apps Ruptek does it all. Depending on the Technical and business need of the client we achieve it in phases, Analyzing, Strategizing, Planning, Architecting, Coding, Implementing, Migrating, Integrating & Testing. Ruptek management’s deep industry expertise, cost-effective delivery methodology, highly skilled developers and professionals, focus on quality standards, and flexibility in meeting client or user specific needs in a quick span of time. All these are driven by Innovation & Commitment.

app development

We develop solutions which are compatible in iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well as Tablets. We understand the the challenge in the mobility world as the devices are highly personal, each one is designed for a very specific usage pattern. Situation becomes more complicated since different manufacturers adopt different CPUs, memory sizes, base operation systems, and UI features. Ruptek has acquired the skills and knowledge base to take care of each and every issue above and produce customized mobile Apps We support all the popular devices in the market ,maximizing the chance of reaching the most appropriate masses for its commercial success is the goal of Ruptek. We will assist all our customers 360 degree, to turn their business ideas into interactive mobile applications, which are simple, easy to use with uniform look and feel.

  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin

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