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Practice Management

In our Practice Management software physicians can use for their day-to-day practice and reduce workloads allowing them to focus on care. This is equipped with the following features now and will gradually be enhanced. Later we have plans to enhance it further by adding features like Medical Billing, Insurance management, Pathology Lab management etc. In Patient management doctors can manage their patients and their family members too. Practice Management Also, patients who were registered by Remote care centers, and had a booking with you will be considered as the doctor's patients, so the doctor will not have to add them. Doctors can also manage their Patient's Health Records. and also can Book appointment on behalf of patients. There is another feature in this solution, which is Expert Opinion through Email. Besides this, Doctors can manage their holiday and availability very easily. In short the software menu will look like:

  • New Patient Registration
  • Manage Patients
  • Patient’s Electronic Medical Records
  • Appointment Booking
  • Expert Opinion Through Email
  • My Calendar Management

Here is how we have organized it:

  • Facesheet, Consultancy History, Past Medical History, Documents, Vitals
  • In Consultation History we have details all Consultations done within TRXi portal
  • Medications History shows all the Medications that is currently taken
  • Lab & Image study history

In Past Medical History, this is what we are capturing:
Allergies, Life Style, Immunization, Hospitalization, Surgical, Family History, Clinical Histor, Active Medications , followed by a Medication History.
In Appointment booking, we have super smooth appointment booking process backed by an easy Doctor Search tool. One can book Appointment for any of the consultation location you may have. An in order to update your consultancy location you can add from your profile section. Your time availability is managed by two modules, My Calendar & My Holiday calendar. The first one is your periodic availability with Drag& Drop feature to modify. The second, My Holidays, where you can mention the dates when you will be in vacation. All are super user friendly. Please contuct to discuss and take a look at this system.

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